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Colabora para restaurar la locomotora de vapor JOP 9

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Shunting locomotive 10101 (301-001) “Memé”

Shunting locomotive with two axles Pegaso COMET diesel engine, torque converter and a single cabin with double controls. It has manual brake and compressed air to the locomotive. It does not have brake for the train.


  • It was built by the "Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima" (Barcelona) in 1956.
  • Since its construction, it was assigned to maneuvering in Valladolid, both at the station and in the Central Repair Workshop.
  • In January 1997, it was ceded to ASVAFER who began to restore it.
  • The restoration was completed in August 1998 and this locomotive is now fully operational.

MEME, the nickname that is known to this type of locomotive, is due to the initials of the firms involved in its design and construction: Macosa, Euskalduna, Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima and Enasa.